About QEVA™

How it all Began

In agriculture, most producers grow or raise a product and then try to find their market. The Canadian Rocky Mountain Ranch, however, found their market first. The O’Connor family owned three lodges in the Canadian Rocky Mountains and a restaurant in Calgary. Each of these properties offered a distinct and memorable food and wine experience and in the 1990’s began to offer game meats such as venison, caribou, buffalo and elk. Within five years, game meats accounted for a large proportion of the meals served in the dining rooms and restaurants. But, finding reliable supplies of high quality game meat was a challenge. Led by Brad O’Connor, Canadian Rocky Mountain Ranch was begun in the foothills of Alberta in 1996 to meet this challenge.

We are proud of our game meats raised naturally without hormones or antibiotics. Our animals are fed a carefully planned diet by our resident manager and ranch veterinarian, Dr. Terry Church. Game meat is very appealing to many people because it is seen as a healthy and wholesome alternative to traditional meats in addition to having a unique flavour and taste. It is low in fat and cholesterol and calories, while high in iron, protein and B vitamins.

In addition to the meat program, Canadian Rocky Mountain Ranch began harvesting elk velvet antler annually for sale as a nutraceutical product. Initially, most of the velvet antler was exported to Asia for use in traditional oriental medicine. In 2003, the ranch purchased the company Qeva- Quality Elk Velvet Antler. Qeva was a leading developer and supplier of pure elk velvet antler in Canada. The high standards established by Qeva have been continued until today and we are proud that Qeva products are the highest quality elk antler products on the market today.

The Mission of Canadian Rocky Mountain Ranch

Canadian Rocky Mountain Ranch exists to provide our customers with premium quality elk and bison products that are produced in a natural, humane and sustainable manner. Achieving our goals and long-term vision requires patience and commitment.


“Our family has owned and operated farms and ranches over the past 75 years, beginning with my great-grandfather John Jeremiah (JJ) in 1932.  His interest in agriculture has lasted over four generations.  Each generation has left their mark on agriculture and expanded the farming and ranching operation.  We have a strong desire to continue to be a part of Alberta’s agricultural industry”

Brad O’Connor