elk velvet antler for pets


Characteristics of velvet antler

Velvet antler has been described as nature’s perfect food. It is one of the safest and effective natural food supplements for people and animals of all ages. Velvet antler addresses a wide range of deficiencies in a safe, gentle manner with few side effects. There is substantial evidence that velvet antler also benefits animals, including dogs, cats and horses, with conditions such as osteoarthritis, muscoloskeletal problems and senility.

Velvet antler is a renewable and sustainable product grown each year by male elk, deer and reindeer.  Antlers grow rapidly and are cast each year at the end of winter to start a new growth cycle. They are humanely harvested, without drugs or chemicals, in the velvet stage before they harden into bone while they are still mostly composed of cartilage and have the highest biological activity. When antler growth reaches the optimal stage, usually 60 to 85 days, they are quietly and gently moved from the pastures to the handling facility. They are restrained in a padded squeeze and provided with analgesia to control the pain. The antlers are removed using hygienic methods and food-grade disinfectants only.
Qeva velvet antler is processed by freeze-drying with strict standards for cleanliness and safety into powder and capsules and packaged in tamper proof containers. Only whole antler is made into powder or capsules to ensure the highest biological activity of Qeva products. Velvet antlers are mostly cartilage and are a good source of vital components and nutrients. It contains anti-inflammatory agents, such as glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, powerful growth factors, minerals, including calcium and phosphorus and protein and amino acids. It is available both as capsules and in the powder form.

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