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Human Testimonials

Since Entering my 40’s my menstral cycle with has always been as regular as clock work and not particularily painful suddenly turned into something that was unpredictable, painful and heavier than it ever had been. I had a number of tests rule out any illnesses/drops in hormone levels, etc but the irregularities continued.

I had tried a product on the market that was supposed to help that had soya in it and it helped a little but I wasn’t happy with it. After reading about the components of elk velvet I decided to try it to see if it could be a natural way to regulate my cycle. I figured it was a natural product and it didn’t seem to have any negative effects on my dog.. so why not try it.

After two months everything was back to normal. I had all the classic symtoms of someone who is premenopause and now the symtoms have all gone. I sleep better and don’t feel like I always need to be prepared.

Kathleen, Calgary May 2005

Thank you so much for sending along the package of Elk capsules. OD, our geriatric family dog continues to thrive with his daily dose of Elk Antler. I have been sharing your “secret” with several others as I really see the results and improved quality of Life.

Marilyn and Don Macyk

I meant to email you a couple of weeks ago when my box arrived, but somehow I forgot.

I continue to find the elk antler tablets a great boon to coping with demanding job and London commuter lifestyle – in fact I think I’d like to take out a lifetime subscription. Combined with some dietary work and regular yoga/swimming I’m glad to say I’m finding impact of rheumatoid arthritis on my daily life is staying marginal.

Regards- Ariel

Thank you very much for putting me in touch with your Qeva Elk Antler product. I found that Qeva helped repair my neck and shoulder injury sustained in a car accident. It also improved my mobility and gave me less bouts with pain.

I was able to get back to training for the World Masters Synchronized Swimming in August 2000. I was successful there in attaining my goals, winning the Gold in the following events – Solo Technical, Solo Free and Dutch, and Trio.

Carol Fitzsimmons

I have been taking Qeva (1200 mg/day) since the 10th of January this year and have noticed many improvements in training and performance. Since week 1, Qeva has noticeably improved recovery times between training sessions, allowing me to handle a much increased training workload. Specifically, in the weight room, after 1 week of use, I overcame a 2 week long plateau on the leg press, increasing 8 rep/3 set weight from 900 to 950lbs. In addition, that first week, a bout of bronchitis that had been holding me back for the previous 3 weeks subsided. I also had more energy for day to day activities beyond training.

A natural supplement, with no known side effects, Qeva presented me with an opportunity to level the playing field in the sport of cycling which has currently come under scrutinity for it’s use of harmful and illegal doping methods (EPO, DHEA, Oxandrolone, GH, etc.). Before taking the product, I placed a call to the Canadian Centre for Drug Free Sport to make sure it was not a the banned substances list. They assured me that EVA and its components were not on the list, but that I should declare it when tested, just in case. I would be using the product at my own risk as with any natural supplement.

I cannot claim to have experienced a 5 times increase in my testosterone levels, but blood work has confirmed a slight increase (about 20%). The biggest difference that I have experienced may be due to the global adaptogenic properties: definite strength increase (with no gain in muscle mass), reduced frequency of overuse injury, and an 8% increase in hematocrit values (42% in Calgary @ 1200m elevation to 45% in Faenze, Italy at 20m elavation). The global gains are similar to the effects reported for EPO, IGF-1 and GH use, though the magnitude of gains and risks involved are reduced. I have increased my dosage to 1400 mg/day (5 capsules) in hopes of further increasing these benefits, and have not experienced any ill effects.

To make the best use of the Qeva program, it may be wise to operate on an 8 week on and 1 week off cycle, and supplement the diet with necessary B-complex vitamins, Folic acid, Iron, and branched chain Amino Acids (consult your doctor first!).

Performance benefits after 8 months of Qeva use are apparent: endurance, speed and power have all seen a marked increase. This has enabled me to train 20-28 hours a week (every week, and all on bike at this point). This strong training base has led to many top-tens and several podium placings in international events over the course of this season. Having experienced the advantages of Qeva first hand, I highly recommend it to any athlete seeking a competitive edge and looking for a legal alternative to pharmaceutical enhancers.

Paul Kelly, SC REDA – BAGGIONI Cycling Team, Faenza, Italy

I have been using Qeva elk antler for about two months. I used to just use tribulus and that helped. But since I have been using elk antler, it feels like my muscles are going to pop out of my skin. They swell up a lot now. I find that it is from the composites you guys say that are in the elk antler. I really get aggressive on the weights now – some days I feel like chewing the weights.

I’m 5’5″ and a 180 pounds. Since I have used elk antler, it has also increased my weight. When I started I was 146 pounds and my goal is to be 225. I have only been working out for a year, and my bench press has gone from 95 to 330 pounds.

Thank you and have a great day.


August 22, 1999, Kelowna International Triathlon

On Sunday I finished first in the 45-49 age group division in a time of 2:04 — approximately 6 minutes ahead of the 2nd place finisher. My time would have also been good enough for 2nd place in the 40-44 age group division.

I automatically qualified for the Canadian National Team to attend the World Triathlon Championships in Perth Australia (April 29, 2000).

Qeva Elk Antler Velvet is an integral part of my supplementary support program. It enables a quicker recovery and provides an added boost in my performance level allowing me to race harder and stronger.

My testosterone levels have increased from 22.2 nmol/l to 23.7 nmol/l in recent months. Other blood work shows a strong profile.

John Winterdyk

I am taking your Qeva Elk Velvet and Ginseng and I find it a well-balanced product. It has built my muscles in my legs and my back. I will keep taking it.

Lloyd Hovind
Estevan, Saskatchewan

My husband James has swollen ankles that seriously limits his mobility. We have tried everything to increase the blood circulation in this area, but nothing has worked. Then we tried Qeva Elk Velvet Antler and remarkably Qeva has helped his ankles swelling to come down. James ran out of Qeva recently and the swelling has come back. So I am heading back to the store to pick up some more Qeva.

Nadine Arneson,
Duncan, British Columbia

I found it hard to get through the day because of a lack of energy and fatigue. Recently, I tried Qeva Elk Velvet Antler in hopes of increasing my energy levels. I am taking 3-4 capsules a day and not only have my energy levels increased greatly but now I feel that I have more self-confidence also.

Ron Stout
Medicine Hat, Alberta

In 1988 I was diagnosed with chronic rheumatoid arthritis. I have had many years of pain and deformities.

Approximately two years ago, my husband begged me to begin taking elk velvet capsules. I did begin them, three times a day, adding them to my regular medication. Within 20 days, I had much less pain. In 90 days, I ran out of the capsules. Since I didn’t believe it was really helping, I didn’t order more. With two weeks, all the pain returned. We purchased more and within 20 days, I was again in much less pain.

Now, I’m taking velvet antler twice a day and back to walking three miles a day – something I had been unable to do for two years. I do recommend it to anyone.

Christene Wages
El Paso, Illinois

Pet Testimonials


I just wanted to let you know my dog Thompson seems to be doing much better after two months on your product. Thompson is almost 12, a border collie mix and in the last year his back end
seemed to just give out at times. His legs buckled out of nowhere. He seemed to not want to sit in his usual manner so I figured he must be in some pain. Prior to Qeva I was giving him a baby aspirin a few day a week as he did not respond well to shark cartlidge and had an allergic reaction. A friend recommended your product to me.

Happy to say that less and less Thompson’s back end stopped giving out and have not seen it give out in nearly 2 weeks now. I am just viewing his behavior objectively. My dog sitter was also sure Thompson’s
Vision was diminishing. Today at the opposite end of the soccer field at least 80 yards away, was a soccer ball and not only did Thompson see the ball 80 yards away he ran the whole distance to check it out, then proceeded to chase some birds another 60 yards away. Rather than diminishing health I would say we have reversed the aging process by at least one year.

I can’t say for sure whether his back end pain has diminished as he does still sit a little different but I can say he is stronger and more limber today than we was a year ago and I can’t ask more than that
From your product. Many thanks! If you have any info on pain relief would be interested in knowing if you have case studies of diminished pain-harder to measure that one.

Richmond Hill, Ontario

How Qeva Has Helped Bailey (dog)

from Barb and John Keirle

Our oldest dog (11) has knee problems and arthritis and we had her on MetCam which seemd to work but I was always concerned about potential liver damage. After reading the recent research with elk velvet and dogs I decieded to try it. Within a month of taking elk velvet she had much more energy and for a dog that wasn’t even showing interest in agility jumps (while I was working my other dogs) after a month on elk velvet she jumped 24 inches without any problems and no apparent soreness the next day. Now I don’t have her jumping in agililty every day, but when we pull out the jumps in our backyard for the other dogs she is ready to play and participate. Before she was on elk velvet she was happy to stay on the side lines. She is much more playful and happy than she has been in a year.

May 2005

Mike is a 10 and a half year old Boxer. He was rescued from the humane society in Winnipeg. Mike has had a tough life. He has been diagnosed with spinalosis; he has arthritis and a very poor immune system. Over the last few years his ailments have gotten worse — he had no energy, he was very stiff and I had to lift him up and down the stairs. A long day of fun and frolic was impossible for him.

I put Mike on a strict diet to lose weight and started to exercise him lightly. About this time Rob Pek from Qeva Corp. gave me a new product called Qeva Elk Velvet for Pets. He informed me that it was a natural product containing glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate and may give relief to Mike’s arthritis.

Mike has been on Qeva for Pets for 20 days. I am happy to report Mike is doing great. He climbs stairs by himself, he has more energy an is definitely a happier, healthier dog.

Mike is my right hand man. He is the star of Pet Tips on the Calgary 7 Breakfast Show. Mike writes a column in the Calgary Sun Fur, Fin and Feather and is my best friend. Qeva for Pets definitely has added years to Mike’s career.

Vic Cotton, Executive Vice President, COO, Petland Superstores

I just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful product. My little Boo was slowing down because of age and arthritis so I decided to give Qeva a try. She is up and into everything. Now her walks are getting longer and she is going all the time. Before a block was a hard time for her and she had a hard time getting up on things. Now she is on the couch, bed and chairs. Her favourite spot is on the back of a chair by the window where she spends hours watching the world go by. Now the problem is in me keeping up with her but I love to see her this way.

Sharon Johnson

I started Qeva Velvet Antler about 1 year ago and found the product works perfectly. Having arthritis, my dog Buddy was suffering. For about 6 years I thought she pulled a muscle that wasn’t healing. So I looked around at a lot of health products but was not happy with the results. Finally having a story done about Buddy, I met Robert Pek who mentioned this product “Velvet Antler.” So I tried it with nothing to lose. Within a span of 1 week and a half I noticed things were a little different. Such as wanting to jump in and out of my van, playing with my younger dog Spike. Since that day, I am very happy – just like Buddy. Thank you.


M y dog was having problems with her left leg. She would sometimes lose her balance or hold the leg up. She is a Husky/Malamute almost 10 years old with the name of Timber. We contacted North Wellington Animal Hospital in Mount Forest in December 1999. Dr. Colleen Murphy examined Timber on December 6, 1999. She put the dog on the Elk Antler pills. Within a week we noticed quite a difference. She is walking better, going up and down stairs much better.

That medication is pretty wonderful and I hope you will continue to manufacture it. The staff at the North Wellington Animal Hospital are super people. They are very good and kind to the animals. I think they should receive an award and be mentioned on the Internet. Thank you.

Mrs. Dorothy Potter
Holstein, Ontario