The CRM Ranch

How It All Started

QEVA’s story begins with the O’Connor Family and the wild beauty of the Canadian Rockies.

In 1979, the O’Connors began buying properties in the West’s most scenic spots. Before long, they owned three idyllic mountain lodges and a restaurant in Calgary, the birthplace of Rocky Mountain cuisine. By the mid 1990’s, game meats such as venison, caribou, buffalo and elk, were the most popular items on their menus. However, finding reliable supplies of high-quality game meat was a challenge.

To meet this growing demand, the O’Connor family purchased 540 acres of rolling grassland where they would raise their own free-roaming elk and cattle—the Canadian Rocky Mountain Ranch. Today, the 2,500 acre ranch produces the highest quality game meat in the world. They are strongly committed to natural, humane, and sustainable practices, going from field to table with zero waste.

QEVA Joins the Family

QEVA is sustainably harvested in Alberta, from the elk that graze the open pastures of the Canadian Rocky Mountain Ranch.

To ensure no part of their animals went to waste, The CRM Ranch began harvesting quality elk velvet antler (QEVA) and exporting it for use in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). In 2003, they seized an opportunity to purchase QEVA, a top producer of Canadian elk velvet antler, and share the holistic benefits of elk velvet antler products at home.

QEVA remains a top-quality producer of farm-to-pill elk velvet antler products. With our core values in mind, we proudly help pets and people stay active as naturally as possible.

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