4 Legged Stories: Cass And Her Corgis

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Hi! My name is Cassidy (I go by Cass) and I have two corgis named Winston and Duke. You may know us as @cassandhercorgis on Instagram. We are three shorties adventuring in the Canadian Rockies! We absolutely love to be active both in the winter and in the summer. Most days during the summer, you can find us going for hikes, paddleboarding, travelling, or camping. In the winter months, I love to stay active by playing ringette and going on winter adventures in the mountains with our other doggie friends.

Cass and her Corgis - QEVA

We love to take QEVA everywhere we go! From our home to adventures in the mountains! Winston and Duke’s favourite QEVA products are the Beef Bites and Bison Bites. I feed both corgis the Bites while training at home and posing for the camera during our mountain adventures. Whenever I take the bites out, you can almost always find both pups standing behind me, drooling over them.

QEVA Cass and her Corgis

My favourite QEVA product is the Capsule Supplements for pets and humans. The capsules have been a part of our daily morning routine since discovering QEVA. In 2020, Winston tore both his ACLs, and it has been my top priority to keep our joints in the best shape for our favourite physical activities.

QEVA - Cass and her corgis

Since the introduction of QEVA, Winston and Duke have been able to maintain their energy, strength, and endurance on their adventures! My favourite things about QEVA are that all the products are sustainably harvested locally in Alberta and have numerous health benefits! Specifically, joint support and arthritis relief are my favourite benefits due to Winston’s previous ACL tears, and for preventing the effects arthritis will have on him later in life.

QEVA Cass and her corgis

I would 100% recommend QEVA to all my family, friends, colleagues, and followers! Elk Velvet Antler is something many people have never heard of, but it is a fantastic supplement consisting of numerous health benefits, including joint support and pain relief!

QEVA Cass and her corgis

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