4 Legged Stories: Find Our Pack

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Hi! I’m Jamie! The human behind @FindOurPack on Instagram. Our pack is a chaotic bunch including my partner Arron, the ever-so-curious cat Calvin, and the true trailblazer, our German Shepherd Brier. Our playground? The stunning Canadian Rockies, where we're always on the lookout for new adventures. Our page is a mirror to our journey, revealing the joys and challenges of being first-time dog parents and budding explorers. Every victory, every stumble, every lesson learned – it's all there. Life is short, and we're committed to embracing every moment and capturing it in a way to relive the moments forever.

No matter the time of year, you'll always find us out in the great outdoors. Our go-to activities revolve around camping and hiking, often with Brier leading the way. Embracing the outdoors has been a transformative journey, thanks to the enthusiasm Brier brings to every adventure.

We take QEVA everywhere! The Bites are so convenient to travel with, whether it be a little mid-hike snack, on the road to a cool destination or in the comfort of our home during dinner. We’re always sure to pack it with us.

Without a doubt, our top pick from QEVA has to be the Bison Bites. Brier absolutely adores them and devours them as if they're the tastiest treats in the world. The genius part? He doesn't even realize it's a supplement – it's like a secret health boost! What truly impresses me is the convenience they offer, particularly while travelling. No mess, no fuss – just pure goodness. The powdered version is another game-changer for us. It blends seamlessly into Brier's meals, which is a blessing considering his cautious approach to new food additions. As for me, the capsules for people are a winner. I can be a bit finicky about supplement sizes, but these go down smoothly, ensuring both Brier and I can enjoy the benefits without any hassle.

Incorporating QEVA into our daily routine has become second nature for us. Mornings kick off with a touch of QEVA to give us all a wholesome boost, particularly if we're gearing up for a day of outdoor adventures. For Brier, the evening routine is where QEVA shines. We incorporate QEVA into his hearty dinner, aiding his recovery as he winds down for the night.

The transformation in Brier's well-being since introducing QEVA into his routine has been nothing short of remarkable. After dealing with the aftermath of his Elbow Dysplasia surgery and experimenting with various joint supplements, we discovered QEVA about a year later. The change was evident within 4-6 weeks. Brier's vitality soared, the inflammation in his elbow noticeably decreased, and he began developing more muscle tone from increased activity. Previously, he would require a week to recuperate after hikes, but with QEVA, he was practically ready for another adventure right after the car ride home (yes, you read that right!). QEVA has provided Brier with the relief he needed to manage pain and inflammation, aiding his recovery journey. Approaching 8 months of incorporating QEVA, Brier's progress is undeniable – his strength, endurance, and overall mobility have soared, and he's truly thriving.

The reason I'm so passionate about QEVA products is simple – they gave Brier his life back, and that's not an exaggeration. When Elbow Dysplasia struck, I felt helpless. After pursuing reconstructive surgery for Brier around his first birthday, we were warned that he might never fully recover, and a lifetime of prescription medications loomed ahead to manage his pain and inflammation. The thought of medicating him just to provide comfort was heart-wrenching. What instantly captivated me about QEVA was its natural, single-ingredient approach, sustainably sourced right here in Alberta. As lovers of the great outdoors, it devastated me to consider that our adventures might be restricted. Yet, QEVA has been our saviour, enabling us to keep embracing the activities that light up our lives.

I can't stop raving about QEVA to anyone who's willing to lend an ear. The impact it's had on our well-being has been so profound that I'm genuinely enthusiastic about sharing the experience. I'm upfront about the fact that it might not be a one-size-fits-all solution, but for friends and family who've dealt with joint discomfort, inflammation, or mobility issues, I encourage them to give it a shot. QEVA, rooted in the natural wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine, is a safe bet with minimal side effects. I often emphasize that it's at least worth trying – after all, it transformed our lives in ways we never imagined. So, if you're open to the possibility of positive change, I'd say QEVA is definitely worth exploring.

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