4 Legged Stories: Life Between Summits

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Hi! My partner Nick, my two adventure dogs Revy and Reese, and I (Jenna) share our everyday mountain life living in and exploring the Canadian Rockies at Life Between Summits. We truly believe that everyday can be an adventure, big or small! From gear reviews that showcase brands we love, to sharing tips on getting outside with your pup, we strive to encourage others to safely and confidently adventure on their own! You can tag along on our adventures by following us at @lifebetweensummits on Instagram.

Life Between Summits - QEVA

Like anyone living in the Bow Valley, if there is something to be done outside, we do it. Hiking, biking, rock-climbing, scrambling, paddle boarding, canoeing, fishing, trail running, backcountry camping, cross country skiing, ski touring, skating, ice climbing and more. We love the outdoors and everything our backyard offers! Wherever we go, our QEVA supplement Bitescome with us! The Bites are the perfect treat to bribe the dogs with when we want the perfect photo and a fantastic way to help them recover post adventure!

Life Between Summits - QEVA - Ice Skating

Revy and Reese love the QEVA Capsules for pets so much that they now know to go to the treat closet post-adventure and get their pills. We don’t even need to hide the capsules in food! Both dogs eat them whole; that’s how much they like them! Nick and I love the benefits Elk Velvet Antler provides the dogs and how it’s a natural remedy to help Revy and Reese recover quicker between our daily adventures.

Life Between Summits - Winter - QEVA

There is no denying that Revy and Reese are more active than most pups. Rest days are few and far between, and with the aid of QEVA, we can ensure they recover properly during our short rest periods. We love that QEVA is an all-natural remedy to help support our dog’s joint health and increase their stamina and strength while being a locally owned and operated company!

Life Between Summits - Winter - QEVA

We have recommended QEVA to all our family and friends! A capsule that is so good it doesn’t need to be hidden in the dog's food or broken down speaks for itself. Our dogs love QEVA, and yours will too!

Life Between Summits - QEVA - Rocky Mountains

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