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Hey! I'm Karah! Along with my husband, Brett, and Border Collie, Lyla, we adventure around, photographing our memories and documenting them through our page, @thenweroam on Instagram. This includes everyday life, agility, hiking, and our lives in the city - which actually means we're finding the nature paths to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. We all try to stay as active as we can in the winter, but summer is our time to shine with how much our beautiful province has to offer! Anything from paddling to hiking to snowboarding and winter hikes, our lives are rarely spent inside, and we definitely have Lyla to thank for getting us out more!
Then We Roam - Hiking - QEVA

Lyla is a very active pup, so we try to match that energy in our lives. Lyla competes competitively in agility, often practicing one to two times a week (more in the summer), and participating in a trial at least once a month. She also does scent hurdling and flyball, and we're actually gearing up for our first tournament (yahoo)! I love hiking (both winter and summer!), paddleboarding, snowboarding, camping, and running (I say this loosely because the only running I do is in agility). Lyla is typically beside me through it all.

Then We Roam - Agility - QEVA

QEVA comes with us everywhere we go! From the forests to the mountains, to agility and flyball, QEVA Bison Bites and Human Capsules are the first things we pack! They're like our little shield, protecting our joints and keeping our energy levels up no matter what we get up to.

I personally take the Human Capsules and love them, so they're definitely my favourite product! Lyla's favorite would have to be the Bison Bites. She gets super wiggly and excited when I bring out the bag. She usually sniffs it first, then excitedly offers a "sit pretty" for it.

Then We Roam - Mountains - QEVA

I usually take my capsule in the morning and give Lyla hers at the same time. It's a QEVA bonding experience, haha. If I don't give it to her in the mornings, it's usually because we have a long day of agility ahead and it's a highly motivating treat for her. I like to give it to her halfway through the day as a reminder that she's crushing it on the courses!


Since starting QEVA in October of 2022, Lyla has shown an increase in stamina, especially noticeable in agility. She used to get pretty tired as the trial days progressed. However, now she can easily run a full day without showing signs of fatigue and even tries to sneak in another run if she can by dashing towards the entrance gates! She is more energetic (which, for a Border Collie, I don't know if this is a good thing!), and I do believe it has helped her immune system too. She hasn't been sick since we started QEVA!

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As we started to become more active in dogsports and our everyday lives (as Lyla got older), I knew I needed to protect Lyla's joints (and my own) in any way I could. I was initially drawn to QEVA because of the joint support but was also intrigued to see if it would help Lyla's stamina and energy levels during those long hikes or on those long days of dogsports. I had seen a few people I trust using QEVA, which made me research Elk Velvet Antler and its benefits. It seemed like a no-brainer to give QEVA a try, especially since the product is single-ingredient and made right here in Alberta!

I always recommend QEVA to anyone who will listen to me, honestly! I often take them to agility to share with my close friends' dogs. The dogs work hard and deserve as much support for their joints as possible. I also recommend the human products! If I can feel a difference in my own well-being, I know Lyla can feel a difference too. I let them know about the reduction in joint pain I have felt since starting the human capsules and the increased energy I've experienced. There have been mornings where I don't even need coffee, which is the most shocking thing for people to hear!

Then We Roam - Winter - Hiking - QEVA

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